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Virtual Cybersecurity Team (VCT)

Virtual Cybersecurity Team (VCT)

Nowadays, hackers target all kind of business, so you can blindly assume that your organization would also be a victim of cybercrime. Through our Virtual Cybersecurity Team (VCT) service, we can help you to be safe in this crucial scenario. Mostly, VCT offers organisations the access to a pool of experts and experienced cyber security practitioners who take on the various role of information security position in your business. Our VCT brings experience in leadership and skills to help define plan and execute a bespoke strategy unique to your organisation. Compared to hiring dedicated resources you can cut down 50% of cost by choosing this. Our VCT solutions are supported by our compliance and governance team members to ensure we meet all the varying requirements of your business.

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Benefits of VCT Compared to Dedicated Resource

Virtual Cybersecurity Team (VCT)
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Best in Service

  • No matter what kind of organisation you are, we provide the same professional advice and guidance that Fortune 500 and other large multinationals pay a significant amount of money for, but at a fraction of the price. Our experienced advisors will become a part of your executive team and support you in all areas of cyber security and data protection, without any exorbitant consultancy fees.


VCT Service offering

  • Our virtual services are specifically designed for the organisations that require information security and data privacy professionals but are unable to hire them, either due to business and financial constraints or due to acute shortage of skilled executives.

Benefits of partnering with Briskinfosec

  • Significant Cost Savings: Our flexible scale-up or scale-down service allows you to match your changing security requirements and threat landscape while making tangible cost savings.
  • Impartial, Vendor Neutral Advice: Our VCT will always act in your best interest to reduce your overall risk exposure, and to ensure maximum value of your current and future cyber security investments.
  • Flexible to Your Needs: We recognise that your business faces constant change and our solution scales to your needs and business requirements.
  • Increased Board and Senior Executive Engagement: Our VCT has the experience to educate all the employees including the senior executives, board members and non-technical senior staff.
  • Flexible to Your Needs: We recognise that your business faces constant change and our solution scales to your needs and business requirements. Our VCT can also help with planning and support, communicating and influencing, assessing and maintaining, and taking a lead on all things related to cyber security and information security.

How we Evaluate, Direct and Monitor?

Virtual Cybersecurity Team (VCT)

VCT - Service features

Once you are on boarded as a VCT customer, you will be allowed to access the following list of services:

  • Experienced Cyber Security Practitioners: Access to verifiable expert individuals who have held leadership CISO roles and have a wealth of industry experience.
  • Data Breach Handling Status: Our VCT will oversee and co-ordinate to ensure if your business is prepared to deal with data breaches and incidents.
  • Regulatory Compliance and Governance: Our VCT will manage and communicate with regulators for all data privacy and information security requests on your behalf.
  • Specialist Training Included: Our V-CISOs the experienced practitioners will offer specialist management-focused cyber security training as part of the VCT service. Depending on your requirement, we can deliver our flagship CIPR (Cyber Incident Planning & Response) training or our non-technical executive CSPE (Cyber Security & Privacy Essentials) training.

How we Manage, Train and Assess?

Virtual Cybersecurity Team (VCT)

Speak to an Expert

For more information on how our Briskinfosec penetration testing services can help to safeguard your organisation, call us now on +91 860 863 4123 or request a call back using the form below.

Process of Aligning, Planning and Organising

Virtual Cybersecurity Team (VCT)

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