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Are you overwhelmed with alerts? Staffing shortages? Get 24×7 monitoring, detection, and response from cyber security experts with our fully managed, co-managed, or hybrid solutions. Security assessment, GRC Compliance, Forensic Experts, Protect your cloud, endpoint devices, and network today with Briskinfosec.

  • 19% of alerts are deemed reliable and only 4% are actually investigated.
  • 44% of security operations managers see >5,000 security alerts per day.
  • 62% have an excess of alerts and false positives, and are overwhelmed.
  • 30% of manpower is lost to duplicate alerts.

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Cybersecurity starts from proper awareness. Briskinfosec BINT LAB cybersecurity researchers continuously put extraordinary effort to help you to realise cybersecurity better and faster. Just download the Case Study and ThreatSploit Adversary report.

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Training & certification programs

Optimize sales and technical knowledge by becoming a Holm Security Certified Partner. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Introduction to technology and sales

  • Continuous education in technology and sales

  • White label

  • Branded sales material

Is your current SIEM creating more work and less value?

Security information and event management (SIEM) technology is for large enterprises who need comprehensive visibility into cyberthreats across distributed IT infrastructure. We have our own team with experienced and best third party SIEM solution in the market and provide the logging service.

Also, we support the organization by working on their infrastructure logging with their SIEM solution as well. Increase your protection and enhance your organization security with Briskinfosec’s SIEM team.

Is your business being completely depends on the cloud platform?

The growth in cloud computing has been massive and transformational. Cloud service providers bring strong solution for security reasons, but making it secure is up to each organization using them to configure networking, access controls, and monitoring in a secure methodology. Since configuring cloud environments would be complex to most of the organizations when they are adopting it for a first time.

We Briskinfosec perform a security audit on those deployment and building process and make sure the organization has deployed their cloud environment in the secure way. managed detection and response services are equally effective in cloud or hybrid cloud environments. Because making a small error in configuring may result in the greater loss.

Struggling at building your own 24×7 security team?

Whether the man power of the organization is working on a single time project or on a continues security and remediation activities testing for period of time to address specific risks?

We Briskinfosec provides a dedicated set of resources to perform daily security program tasks, we provide a managed security provider and can outsource ongoing security activities for monthly or yearly contracts. Also, we may also manage the internal team who are working on a specific project and adding additional responsibilities to complete the security project.

Are you having trouble staffing all of your security projects?

Does you organization needs a experienced staff to work with your employee and guide them on their security projects. We provide staffing for organization and managing them to completed their struggling task within the given timeline.

Staffing involves bringing in new resources on a contractor basis, usually for a set amount of time or until a given project is completed. This may reduce the work load of the organization without increasing the current employee cost. Briskinfosec security management may provide the complete support on the time or project basis to the organization.

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White label

  • For Certified Partners, we offer the opportunity to brand our platform with just a few clicks, so that your own organization is the sender - both in the Security Center, reports and communications.

Local sales & tech support

  • Our local resources support you from the sales to implementation and support of existing customers.

Sales material

  • We offer a wide range of sales materials. As a Certified Partner, you are offered the opportunity to customize the material according to your needs. Here our marketing department is at your disposal.

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