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SOC AS A Service

With substantial experience and expertise in offering Cybersecurity services to our clients, we realized our clients need a better solution to manage their cybersecurity risks. Hence we created a portal for our clients to have complete visibility of all the issues and resolutions. The portal is light weight, intuitive and above all very secure.

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Cybersecurity starts from proper awareness. Briskinfosec BINT LAB cybersecurity researchers continuously put extraordinary effort to help you to realise cybersecurity better and faster. Just download the Case Study and ThreatSploit Adversary report.

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What Is A SOC?

  • SOC (Security Operations Center) is a security team that works with organizations to protect them against cyberattacks. The team will utilize a range of technology and processes that are designed to spot system vulnerabilities and prevent possible occurrences of cybersecurity theft. The SOC teams consist of experts with extensive backgrounds in cybersecurity operations. As hackers develop new ways to break into systems and steal data from unsuspecting targets, the SOC engineers constantly studies the latest threats and would develop countermeasures to ensure the security of client-business networks.

What Is SOC-As-a-Service?

What Is SOC-As-a-Service?

It is a software-based service that manages and monitors your logs, devices, clouds, network and assets for internal IT teams. The service provides companies with the knowledge and skills necessary to combat cybersecurity threats. Not all companies can afford to hire in-house cybersecurity experts. So instead of that with SOC-as-a-service, those companies can handle today’s advanced cybersecurity threats, because the service is offered remotely by a third-party team of experts who work off-site.

Instead of investing money in security hardware, enterprises can do 24/7 monitoring with the help of SOC-As-a-Service. At times, companies also make use of hardware systems that are designed to make systems breach-proof but they fail to deliver on that promise.

Consider SOC-As-a-Service for Businesses from Briskinfosec

From a managed security operations center, regular analyses (daily and even hourly) are performed on the company’s networks and servers and also connect with the customers.

With the most highly skilled cybersecurity analysts, a SOC-as-a-service team can pinpoint security events the moment they appear on the radar.

Businesses might take hours or even days to realise their cyber security breaks, within that span of time, hackers can access the personal information of the customers, as well as vulnerable company data. Events like these can attract bad publicity and seriously damage a company’s reputation in the marketplace. Consequently, the loss of business can soar into millions and even cause some companies to fold once the dust has settled.

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SOC-As-a-Service Benefits for Enterprise Businesses

  • Cuts Costs on Expensive Technology
    • With SOC-as-a-service, companies can cut down on the expenses typically associated with cybersecurity and receive advanced protection from cyber intrusions.
    • As the SOC teams operate off site, the required hardware systems will be set up elsewhere to protect client businesses.
    • SOC-as-a-service makes it possible to allocate more resources for that company, focusing on promoting their own products and services, leaving security up to trained professionals.
    • Even a small organization can hire SOC-as-a-service, and the engineers who run the third-party service can handle the important aspects of security enforcement.
  • Uses Machine and Human Elements to Analyse Millions of Events in Real Time
    • SOC-as-a-service teams utilize engineering expertise and the most advanced computerized machinery to scan millions of events that transpire in real-time across vast computer networks.
    • When suspicious activity is spotted, SOC teams alert all the companies that could potentially be affected by such threats the moment any discrepancies appear on the radar.
    • Best of all, this team monitor these activities around the clock to ensure that no cybersecurity threats go undetected for any significant length of time.
    • Often, hackers operate in the wee hours of the morning when company offices are closed. This allows cyber-thieves a window of time to infect networks and steal classified data. With SOC-as-a-service, engineers work around the clock to close this window of opportunity.
  • Ranks Assets, Alerts, Threats and Severity
    • This service allows companies to rank the importance of layers of data and determine the severity of threats that surface on the radars of computer networks.
    • Antivirus software identifies the “threats” at various levels on a computer system, many of which are benign. Others really do require action.
    • For many companies, tracing cyber threats is a confusing and time-consuming process due to the vast range of harmless and more critical discrepancies that emerge on network radars.
    • With SOC-as-a-service, companies can more easily distinguish true threats and act upon those problems with focus and urgency.
  • Manages Response
    • SOC-as-a-service offers proactive detection and security against targeted attacks. Some of the worst types of cybercrimes target specific companies for highly classified information, as identities and credit card information of account holders for a company or service.
    • This also fills in the gaps that are often present within a security infrastructure. For the company that divides its own attention between various layers of management, weaknesses are bound to exist within the company’s pre-existing security parameters.
    • Having only few trained security engineers most businesses lack sufficient in-house talent to handle such threats. Thankfully, companies can close these security gaps with SOC-as-a-service.
Our Milestones

Awards and Affiliations

CIO Review

We are honoured as one among the top 20 most promising information security solution providers by the CIO review.

Indian book of records

We reported 8000 vulnerabilities within 4 hours and have registered our name in the “India Book of Records”.

ISO/IEC 270001:2015

We have been empanelled with ISO/IEC 270001:2015 for our commitment towards security.

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Briskinfosec’s cyber security initiatives are affiliated by the National Cyber Defence Research Centre (NCDRC).

Council of CIA

Briskinfosec is the founding member of the Council of CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability).

  • Offers Advanced Intelligence Gathering, Threat Assessment, Planning and Awareness Training
    • As cyber criminals are more covert and intricate in their techniques, security standards must constantly be updated to prevent company systems from being penetrated.
    • Even though there are several security upgrades hackers devise new ways to bypass system security parameters so, new levels of skill are required to combat these threats
    • SOC-as-a-service teams are staffed with engineers who possess the most advanced skills for handling the attacks that are perpetrated by today’s cyber criminals.
    • SOC-as-a-service makes the companies to remain secure against the most advanced threats by offering a coordinated approach to intelligence gathering. With up-to-the-minute threat assessments, companies can develop more fool proof plans for security response, the moment potential threats emerge on the radar.
  • Includes Compliance Reporting
    • For the company that wants basic security against cyber threats, SOC-as-a-service is offered at standard levels with daily motoring and status reports, 365 days per year.
    • For the company that wants the most advanced degrees of protection, SOC-as-a-service can be purchased at premium levels that consist of hourly monitoring and status reports, 24/7, 365 days per year.
  • Provides Full SIEM Management
    • The tiers of SOC-as-a-service also operate at different levels of involvement with company clients. Few companies would wish to receive status reports on security threats and use that info to enact security measures, whereas other companies want full security information and event management (SIEM) service where everything is handled by the third party.
    • In a hybrid model of SOC-as-a-service, the SOC provider offers a cloud-based SIEM service that the company’s client uses to monitor and correct its own security events.
    • Some companies go for a more autonomous approach, where they maintain their own in-house SIEM system but seek a third party to remotely monitor security alerts during off hours and holidays. Whether a company prefers full or partial SIEM management, the security benefits are vital in today’s cyber climate.
  • Delivers Advanced Protection against Perimeter and Insider Threats
    • With SOC-as-a-service, a company is alerted to targeted attacks the moment they appear on the radar. Moreover, this team can also spot insider threats to the security of company databases.
    • In some instances of cyber-theft, crime is committed by the people who know about a company’s private information, its value and where it can be found. SOC-as-a-service allows businesses to take immediate action against such threats.

Inside threats can also stem from malware transferred onto a local system via:

  • Thumb drives          Email attachments          Other foreign sources

While there is either an outside threat or guilty party in such instances, the problem can quickly spiral out of hand if the issue isn’t dealt with promptly with sufficient remedial action, such viruses are often not caught until they’ve spread. With SOC-as-a-service, company clients are notified the moment internal issues arise on a local system.

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