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Cyber Threat Intelligence Assessment

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Cyber Threat Intelligence Report (CTIR) is the data that is collected from publicly available sources. It is not limited to Google. CTIR identifies any sensitive data exposed on the web, IT has become a huge barrier, due to the widespread usage of Internet-based services and the prevalence of social media for sharing information and communication. CTIR helps the organization to find how much sensitive data is exposed to the public.

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Cyber Threat Intelligence

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Cybersecurity starts with proper awareness. Briskinfosec’s BINT LAB researchers continuously put an extraordinary effort to help you to realise cybersecurity better and faster. Just download the one-page CTIR flyer, CTIR Case Study and Threatsploit Adversary report.

What does our CTIR include?

Our Cyber Threat Intelligence Report (CTIR) will contain all findings on the website and the report will be discussed during a presentation with you. • The report also includes a comprehensive and meaningful C-level summary of the Findings. Additionally, it will include all detailed results with respective evidence and recommendations for future security measures.

Web Application Security Assessment

Lura Portal

Lura Platform provides clarity for optimal cybersecurity project management portal. Rather to traditional tracking of numerous emails, PDF and XLS files for VA/PT reports and status. A single login for peaceful cybersecurity project management with real-time dashboards would solve this.

  • Access to the dashboard is free of charge.
  • Real-time metrics and dashboards.
  • We remove the barriers that make cybersecurity complex and overwhelming.
  • Lura offers a smooth path to reducing the compliance obstacle.
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Web Application Security Assessment

Briskinfosec Service Delivery

  • Kick off Meeting Deck
  • Daily Issue tracking sheet
  • Weekly execution Status report
  • Executive Summary report
  • Security assessment reports
  • Consolidated Issue track Sheet
  • Reassessment Report
  • Consolidated Security assessment Report
  • Certificate with e-Verification details
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Service Highlights

  • Comprehensive Testing with Industry standards

  • Coverage of across wide range of vulnerabilities

  • Testing across multiple frameworks and CMS

  • Exclusive access to our LURA (Security Management dashboard) to manage all your cybersecurity needs

Case Study

Our Trust and Assurance will take you to the next level.

Our Case studies are the best reference to prove the dexterity of Briskinfosec.

The Benefits of a Cyber Threats Intelligence Assessment

  • To discover publicly available sensitive user data
  • To Identifying outdated frameworks versions and Libraries
  • To Identify publicly available exploits for CMS
  • To check for SSL Misconfiguration
  • To discover openly available sensitive web-pages.
  • To identify compromised data over the internet and the dark web
  • To check the publicly available emails has been breached
  • To identify publicly available domain information and check DMARC and SPF records

Standards and Frameworks we follow


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Frequently asked Q&A

What is Cyber Threat Intelligence Report (CTIR)?

Is CTIR really necessary?

YES of course. It gives a clear idea of how much sensitive data of the organization have been available to the public. Managing an open-source intelligence can be extremely complicated as the possible sources of information on the internet and the ways to collect, collate and report those data are in constant flux.

When is the right time to take a Cyber Threat Intelligence Assessment?

The right time is always right now.

How long will it take to complete the Cyber Threat Intelligence Assessment?

Normally 2-3 business days depends upon the complexity of the website and the number of employees in your organization.

What are your sources for Cyber Threat Intelligence Report (CTIR)?

Our sources are not limited to Google. We use a wide range of OSINT framework tools additionally we use other search engines like Shodan etc.

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