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7th July 2022

Why Cloud Forensics Fail?

Digital Forensics is the field of forensic science that is concerned with retrieving, storing and analyzing electronic data that can be useful in criminal investigations. This includes information from computers, hard drives, mobile phones

31st May 2022

Red vs Blue vs Purple vs Orange vs Yellow vs Green vs White Cybersecurity Team

We wanted to find out how much pros know about the different teams. We were surprised by the results of the poll about who is in charge of building .

27th April 2020

Why large organizations suffer frequent cyber-attacks than smaller ones?

We often feel lazy or forget to carry things to our office. So, we need everything to be in our machine and due to lack of space.

29th April 2020

Evolution of Ransomware and the trends in 2020

Nowadays the biggest danger that we come across and also something that we are about to face in future is The cyber threat the crime that happens via internet and technology.

27th May 2020

How to educate vendor management team in selecting the right vendors for securing

Vendor management enables an ongoing development of the third-party vendors through frequent collaboration....

1st June 2020

Common Cyber Security Threats In Manufacturing Industry

A couple of decades before, security was meant like “none should steal my computer or mobile” i.e., More of a physical appand so has the meaning for security

2nd June 2020

Handling cybersecurity in Agile product development lifecycle

Many of us think that developing an agile model requires lot of time and resources.Even in Today’s virtual world after this pandemic, many companies try to face issues...

4th June 2020

Best of IT defenses cannot protect you

An Organization can protect their digital assets, which are production systems, servers; several network devices and so on, by implementing firewalls

10th June 2020

10 Most Important Things to secure your Healthcare applications

The health care or medical industry is extremely important which has different components including hospitals, doctors...

26th June 2020

Will your backups protect you against ransomware?

In this Digital world, everything is information, so-called data. If you don’t protect these data in the backup then the business would fail. Those backups will help in case of disaster.

15th December 2021

Introduction to HTTP Request Smuggling Vulnerability

HTTP Request Smuggling is one of the critical web application vulnerabilities that is often goes unnoticed by many security reasearchers and penetration testers due to its complexity.

21st December 2021

Security Flaws in Third Party Apps

One thing that you have to remember is that outside parties such as auditors, customers don’t care how vulnerabilities got into your environment. Even if your hands are tied, application security flaws can and likely will .

21st December 2021

Cyber-Security in Automotive Industry

Modern cars have dozens of computers onboard, and they are not just for running GPS or playing music. Computers monitor and control nearly every system on your vehicle, including steering.

15th December 2021

Importance of Cyber Hygiene in Financial sectors

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) and the Council on Cyber Security (CCS) defines cyber hygiene as a means to appropriately protect and maintain IT systems and devices and implement cyber security best practices.

28th May 2020

How to choose the right security provider

In last decade, companies and individuals have seen the real impact of cyber security threats from all industries and even related to government.

27th April 2020

Training Employees on Social Engineering Attacks

Amateurs Hack Systems, Professionals Hack People According to this saying, Social Engineering is a security term that may be mostly heard around in corporate offices.